Katie Daniels

Katie Daniels - Solo Show Conduit Arts, 83 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy - 9-16th April opened Wednesday the 10th April 2013 

Our memories can be spilt into two distinct categories; those memories already made/kept and those we are in the process of making. The kept ones are often rich and a wealth of emotion, but can also be easily distorted and mismatched. 

The paintings are kept memories. Specifically they are moments of communication trapped in poetic words. They exist on the walls like personal secrets aching ever so slightly to be decoded. Who they are, and there purpose in the greater world is not explained, nor does it need be – you are invited to remain quizzical yet passive. They are somewhat awry and simultaneously romantic and in all ways alluring for what they hide.

The process work is a new memory. Free unlatched to the same constraints as the paintings. It exists as a free flowing work that bares itself openly to the space and, will indeed, be affected by a spectator’s presence in the room. You have a specific part to play in this memory. The viewer is involved explicitly in how this moment will be recollected, remembered and retold.

Katie Daniels has always been a painter through her life. After a brief hiatus in she returned to painting in 2012. This is her first solo show.

Joanna Gould