Lilacs, Katie Daniels and Clara Bradley, Condiut Arts, February 4 - 8 2015 

Image Melissa Edwards

Image Melissa Edwards

Lilac is a quiet warmth and movement in the corner of your eye. It creeps and crawls between that gap in your ribs and the space betwixt your thighs.

It floats amongst the spectrum mauve, unassuming but powerful. It nestles itself between the violets and fuchsias like the curves of their hues were made for each other.

Watch as it runs as the nymph Syringa through the woods. She is pursued by the godly Pan who desires her; instead choosing to hide within a floral embrace.

Sometimes it is but an illusion that chases itself around your retina. In moments of concentration it turns itself from grey, to green, and disappears as you blink.

Do not hide as it paints desire lines onto your eyelids: treasure map dashes to places that you have yet realised you want to go. Sketching and winding habitually, to­and­fro, within personal spaces.

For as you well know, ‘Lilac is the smell of nightfall’ as Elizabeth clings to what is left of John.

Joanna Gould